Chandra Brynn Curry

  • Alliteration Adoring, Creative Copywriting, Curious Imagineer
  • Planet Earth

I can do all things through coffee that strengthens me, except math.

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Just a small-town girl, living in a boring world, took a U-Haul truck going to New York City. All attempts at loosely covering greatest hits aside, I was groomed from the product of my humble Pennsylvania beginnings and thrust into a life of mediocrity. I believe my Friday the 13th birth date coupled with my unintentional Hindi naming of a lunar deity has cursed me into an evening-dweller, prone to unbelievable adventures that make for exceptional stories.

I have become the imperfect blend of creative genius and restlessness, which makes it very difficult to remain stationary long enough to materialize my hilariously unfortunate, eccentric tales. I am a self-proclaimed master of the written word, aspiring to craft my own genre of comedic misfortunes and disastrous affairs. After nearly four years of stumbling and strife in Manhattan, I decided I needed a change of address, more specifically, a continent.

In 2014 I took Southeast Asia by storm, meaning mostly that I chose to move there during the incessant rainy season to teach English at a language school. Most recently, I studied creative writing in Europe this summer while working on my book. Twenty-five countries and countless incredible adventures later, I've returned to the United States to share highlights of my journey with my fellow team during water breaks at my new company! I look forward to meeting you all and collaborating in our creations!

My interests are, in no particular order: travel, yoga, photography, Facebook filters, fitness, balance, meeting new people, international affairs, women's rights, writing witty commentary, grammar policing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, attempting to learn new languages, the USWNT, being the most awesome alliteration agent of all-time, Criminal Minds, training for intense athletic competition (i.e. marathons, jungle treks, volcano hikes, cliff dives and my daily sprint to my destination to make up for perpetual tardiness), snacking, napping, petting my dog (or basically any dog), soccer, snarky sarcasm, dark chocolate, nautical themes, touching my eyebrows and staring off into oblivion while over-contemplating the meaning of life, reading the great literary masterpieces of our time (Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants), cute cafes, coconut everything, uncovering the mystery of Titanic, shark research, color coordination and disorganized organization, collecting race medals, shea butter, dental care, self-reflection, environmental sustainability, human kindness, humor and laughing at all of life’s little peculiarities.


Bachelor of Arts at The Pennsylvania State University

State College, PA

Marketing, School of Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University

New York, NY

TESOL Certification at Pannasastra University

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Creative Writing at Anglo-American University

Prague, Czech Republic